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Not only does prolonged stress, anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed create
mind-clutter, reduce energy levels and optimum health – it makes you old.

Going through drastic change such as divorce, redundancy, bereavement – even just dealing with difficult people regularly – changes your physiology, health and looks. But this is not new info – we all know this. Just look at friends and family going through tough times. It all shows in the face – lines, wrinkles, bags, circles and sags.

Introducing an exciting new technological advance...

An advanced programme from NESmiHealth deals with anti-ageing in a unique way to reactivate the body’s self-healing capabilities to stimulate the skin’s growth and repair.  The simple 6 session treatment smoothes away lines and wrinkles, reduces bags and dark circles while firming the skin.

Visibly smooth, lift and firm and energise tired and sagging skin to look years younger with this deluxe anti-ageing facial treatment.

Melt away the visible signs of anxiety to return a naturally and authenally younger, fresher and more energetic you. Contact paula.ruane@thejugglinggoddess.com

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""A very acrimonious divorce made it difficult for me to sleep or eat properly, and was fearful for my health - but after only a few sessions, I was able to face everything with confidence and strength."

Mrs E, Manningtree
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