Paula Ruane is the founder of The Juggling Goddess.

As a busy mother, business owner, wife and colleague she discovered that there are unwelcome and unwanted events that throw us off balance and affect us emotionally and mentally.

When her husband had an emergency heart-by-pass, aged 35, and her children were tiny,  she was suddenly confronted  with unexpected, additional demands. The only available help seemed to be an offer of pills:  to sleep/to reduce pain/to lift spirits when in fact she needed practical, simple, releasing ways to be able to “just get on with life”.

Paula had always felt intuitively that our minds play a much bigger role in our lives than is generally accepted by the medical establishment. Her research led her to Epigenetics, the study of the environmental control of our selves, and how it affects us on all levels. She practices Bio-Energetics – a branch of this emerging science. Paula has researched, studied and trained extensively over 25 years and left her career in the City in 2009 to launch this programme.

Each client is unique with a unique situation. Addressing only one area of the client’s life is insufficient for overall wellbeing and good health. Paula’s comprehensive training, understanding and intuitive skills have led to the development of this programme of profound transformation and liberating results.

Paula is certificated to practise in Matrix Reimprinting, EFT, NESHealth, TFT, NLP and HeartMath™ licenced user (TAO) She is passionate about this transforming and empowering programme and runs training courses and educational workshops.

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"Stress, poor sleep and constant minor ailments plagued me after my company’s merger – I had lost my confidence and just felt totally lethargic.  Over the past two months since Paula was recommended to me, I am beginning to feel normal again and optimistic about the future."

Ms C, Director, City of London
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