Creating resilience for the future

Why does “Stress make you stupid”?

Coherence is the ability to function at a lucid and rational level.   Your innate internal survival system is designed so that when you are under stress and pressure you are reactive not proactive. This is called “low coherence”.  This means that you lose your higher levels of reasoning; your discrimination and your refined perception.  Prolonged stress also drains your resilience.  Resilience is the emotional and psychological capacity to bounce back and the ability to call upon reserves of energy to deal with whatever comes along. 

Our ancestors would run away or fight the predator in fear for the physical self.   Today,   threats are more  ‘ego-based’,  attacking the mental/internal self – road rage,  being bullied or cheated, time challenges and financial concerns etc.  These events seem less obvious as threats but they are, and they happen more frequently. Our internal reaction is still the same,  producing the same hormones, enzymes and chemicals but with none of the release through ‘fight or flight’.  This stressful state  affects everything:   relationships, performance at work and home.  More importantly, if unchecked, causes disease and premature aging.

Coherence Coaching using Heartmath™ science and techniques means that you can reset your internal emotional landscape and influence your body’s chemistry. 

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"As a successful male business owner, I was reluctant to admit to anxiety and panic attacks.  After only one session I discovered why and was able to put the situation into perspective and release the guilt."

Mr R, Chelmsford
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