The mind and body are two sides of a coin, indivisible.

Science is now recognising that the master organ is not the brain but the heart.   The heart has its own intrinsic intelligence system: it has 140,000 neurones which send more messages to the brain than vice versa. The brain responds by triggering thousands of chemical reactions.  Depending on the situation, these can be good or bad.  This is hugely important;  the biological significance of our feelings and emotions are given scant recognition either in the work place or the doctor’s surgery.  

If your thoughts influence your health and biology, what influences your thoughts and gives meaning to them?  More importantly, how do you control them without being hijacked by events?

    The Solution: Identify; Resolve; Rebalance.

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I turned up for the session with a frozen shoulder after 6 months of expensive physiotherapy bills. After just 20 minutes, I could swing my arm a full 360 degrees.
It was extraordinary!

Mrs D, Lawyer, London
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