the  busy female of the species -  who has to switch effortlessly from colleague to wife to mother – from boardroom to bedroom - from cook to taxi-service.
All is well until  “Life” throws in that extra plate for you to spin.

Is this you? Busy, busy, busy?
Are relentless  demands made of your  time, attention and energy?
What about things you have said and done that, upon reflection, you wish you hadn’t?
Can't seem to "switch off"?

Quite simply:
Stress makes smart people do stupid things.

Unfortunately, there is no pill for a quick fix  – these patterns and habits have built up over time! Dealing with your life in a more efficient and effective way needs an understanding of the past, a way to approach the present and strategies for balance and control of your future.

Keeping it all going requires not only balance and control but also change...
And change and transformation is easier than you think!

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I turned up for the session with a frozen shoulder after 6 months of expensive physiotherapy bills. After just 20 minutes, I could swing my arm a full 360 degrees.
It was extraordinary!

Mrs D, Lawyer, London
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